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My Story

I have been working as a Coaching Professional since 2012. I believe every story is relevant and powerful. I have worked from this foundational perspective in my eight years of human services work in various different programs and organizations to create self-sufficient and thriving communities in our city. All my services are available in Hindi and Urdu as well.
Fill your Jar is about learning and understanding your story: then building consistent Resilience, Purpose, Freedom and Success in all Psychological, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Cultural being of a person. Our goal through coaching sessions: A whole, empowered,connected and healthy person.


Strength-Based & Solution-Driven Approach
Sliding Scale Available

  • I provide Strength-based and Solution-driven Coaching for all genders and individuals on the Autism Spectrum in English, Hindi, and Urdu. Coaching available in person, online and/or over the phone. In addition to 1-on-1 coaching sessions; I also facilitate group sessions, and host workshops for all people seeking holistic Confidence, individualized Personal development and positive Sexual Health. 

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Life & Success Coaching Session

I want to guide and support you in designing your life on your terms. My job is to give you the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Through these sessions, we actively "fill your jar" with purpose,resilience and freedom.

Group Sessions

Facilitation sessions available for Youth Empowerment, Exploring Cultural Identity, Girl Power and Global Citizenship.

Relationship Coaching Session

My coaching sessions provide long-term guidance and support for you to build positive habits, create healthy relationships and gain clarity of your goals. Through these specific sessions we build in ability to cope and thrive in marital, family and other interpersonal relationships.


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